• Do you have a teen or adolescent whose attitude and behavior leaves you feeling confused and/or frustrated?

• Do they seem more and more distant from you?

• Are they engaging in self-injurious behavior (cutting, burning, or other self-harm)?

• Do you feel worried about your teen but cannot seem to get them to talk to you about what’s going on in their life?

I fix communication problems in struggling families. Every family experiences challenges and may find themselves having difficulty trying to solve them on their own. I help identify and untangle family complications in a non-judgmental and non-blaming environment.  Some of the issues families come see me for are related to: communication, self-injury (cutting, burning, or other self-harm), codependency and boundaries, family cohesion, secrets, chaotic home structure, discipline problems, adjustment to transitions, and parenting concerns.

I have a thorough assessment process that allows me to quickly identify the root issue(s) of distress in the family. I offer flexible, family-friendly availability in an informal and relaxed environment. Therapy with me is short to moderate term with a treatment plan designed to maximize cost effectiveness. For more information about self-injury, click here.  If you are interested in scheduling a phone or in-person consultation with me regarding concerns about your child or family, call me at (310) 770-3136 or email me at aprilmkujawa@gmail.com.