• Do you often find yourself worried or "in your head"?
• Do you find yourself being taken advantage of or having difficulty asserting yourself?
• Maybe you end up in relationships with the same type of person over and over again with more heartbreak than success?
• Do you avoid confrontation or feel uncomfortable in social situations?
• Perhaps you even have frustrating physical symptoms that are potentially stress-related?


• Do you find yourself fighting about the same things over and over?
• Is trust an issue in your relationship?
• Perhaps it feels like you and your partner are speaking two different languages?
• Do you have topics that are "off limits" between you and your partner?
• Do you want to be more connected with your partner but have difficulty doing so?


• Do you have a teen or adolescent whose attitude and behavior leaves you feeling confused and/or frustrated?
• Do they seem more and more distant from you?
• Are they engaging in self-injurious behavior (cutting, burning, or other self-harm)?
• Do you feel worried about your teen but cannot seem to get them to talk to you about what’s going on in their life?
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